I’m fucking exhausted

Loved ones playing psychological warfare

Shaping me into a full-time sinner
Spewing out meticulously crafted lies
To please my pathological need
To be liked, to be admired, to be idolized
Shame on them for praising an imposter

Sore arms from lifting my guards up
Dark circles and restless nights
Slumber becomes a mortal enemy
Waking up is an uphill battle
A smile feels like a deadlift
Walls so high, tears can’t tear them down

Should I go rogue
And run away with Jose and Jameson?
So I take my purple gummi bear
Create a colorful universe in the cloud
An eternal war shrinks
Into twenty-minutes of anxious rolling

I just hope you know
This is me trying

And this is what I do
To fit in

LIV. The Guy Who Sneaked Out To The Treasure Island Hotel

“The thing I love about Vegas is there’s something for any type of mood you’re in and something for any kind of adventure you seek out”

– Christina Tosi –

Oh, Las Vegas. Words can’t begin to describe my conflicting feelings for this concrete oasis. On one hand, some of my most cherished memories with my closest friends happened during our sinful adventures on The Strip. From the blinding lights to the various forms of escapism, Vegas has it all. However, it’s relatively easy to lose any sense of self-control in Vegas once you overindulge in said entertainments. Most people describe going to Vegas as taking a dangerously addictive drug. The moment you taste your first win on the poker table or step into one of those grandiose nightclubs, you’ll feel the sudden rush of dopamine. But just like every drug-related euphoria, you’ll spend the next hours doing whatever it takes to chase the same high. And sometimes, things do not end well

But don’t worry, I’m saving those messy Vegas stories for later chapters. Instead, here’s a story about how I lied to my family to hook up with a stranger!

LIII. The Guy Whom I Blew After Basketball Practice

“‘Cause you and I, we’re cool for the summer”

– Demi Lovato –

It’s jarring how female pop stars are often aggrandized for writing songs about sexual experimentation. You have Katy with her “I Kissed a Girl,” Demi with her “Cool for the Summer,” and Halsey with, well… pretty much all of her songs. However, there isn’t one song about sexual curiosity sung by their straight male counterparts. I mean… there’s no way in hell Shawn Mendes will write a song about touching another man’s penis. Generally speaking, sexual experiments between two men are more frowned upon. For straight men, the slightest form of attraction towards another man is viewed as a detriment to their masculinity, which, apparently, can do tremendous damage to their sex appeal.

And to that, I say – Shit needs to change. Let’s have Nick Jonas and The Chainsmokers write a song about shaving each other’s butthole!

LII. The Guys Who Eye Fucked Me In A Korean Spa

“I think my personality is my best asset, but the eyes go to the boobs. But, like, my face isn’t too bad, I don’t think so.”

– Francesca Farago –

The eyes are the window to the soul. For homosexuals all over the world (myself included), the saying above resonates deeply with us. Our eyes are our primary arsenal to communicate our interest in the masc daddies standing across the bar. We spent years training ourselves to master the art of rapid room-scanning to identify our fellow homosexuals. Yes, this can also hold true for you heterosexual beings out there. However, for us homosexuals, there’s an extra layer of precaution we need to take, especially for us living in an extremely conservative place. For us, one flirtatious glance at the wrong person can lead to a face full of bruises or, worse, a few years in prison. So, the next time you notice a quirky-looking guy staring at you non-stop from across the room, please don’t be offended. He might just be a blogger who wants to write about doing the nasty with you. 

LI. The Guy Who Foolishly Chases Romance

“The lover lives the relationship with passion, devotion and romanticism. The loved one just likes to be adored”

– La Casa de Papel –

I was casually lounging in bed with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in my right hand. On my computer screen, a handful of thieves in a red jumpsuit wearing a Dalì mask are in the middle of an intense argument on the law of love. It wasn’t until Palermo, the egomaniac asshole who’s in charge of the robbery, enlightens everyone on his status as the “loved one” that made me thought of my past relationships. At first, I felt terrible for Helsinki, the war veteran with a tender heart who has a one-sided crush for Palermo. I thought, “oh great, another gay man who has unrequited feelings for a dickhead with commitment issues!” However, just like me in every relationship ever, Helsinki makes the choice of compromising his own needs for another physical validation by agreeing to a one-night stand with Palermo. And my question to that iswhy?

L. The Guy Who Took Me To See Tegan And Sara (The ParTy Series: Part II)

“Do you remember me as devout? How I prayed for your calls”

– Tegan and Sara –

Unrequited feelings are annoying as fuck. I understand that chemistry cannot be brute-forced, and there are many reasons for the absence of mutual attraction. Personally, the hardest pill to swallow in a relationship for me is knowing that the other person still has some baggage from their previous relationship. They might have some unresolved feelings or a deep emotional trauma caused by their abusive ex, or whatever it is that makes them hold back. The bottom line is that it’s unfair for you to be the only person fighting for the survival of your relationship. However, I also understand that sometimes, we can’t resist the urge to mate because we simply hate feeling alone. Some of us would rather withstand the abuse than being tormented by our unwanted thoughts when we’re alone. It’s a lose-lose situation. This is why I recommend y’all to simply marry your dildo. Although it might not fill the void in your heart, at least it will fill the void in your other hole.

XLIX. The Guy Who Came Over At 4AM (The ParTy series: Part I)

“Who needs to go to sleep, when I got you next to me?”

– Dua Lipa –

When I first listened to Taylor Swift’s mega-hit, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” I didn’t fully grasp its concept. I was a relatively naive boy with little to no dating experiences, and most of my encounters happened online. It’s challenging to spot a genuinely nice guy in a sea of heavily filtered pictures on the grid. Moreover, there’s only so much information you can get from a headless torso and generic bio. Your profile on social media is your opportunity to present the best version of yourself, and it’s relatively easy to hide your scandalous past. It’s especially hard to tell if a person has your best interest in mind when most people are more concerned about their own needs. And when you decide that the baggage they carry is too much for you, sometimes it’s too little too late

XLVIII. The Guy Who Paid Me For A BJ

“And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland, or sells love to another man”

– Ed Sheeran –

I’m no angel. I want to think that I am capable of analyzing a situation and logically weighing up the pros and cons of a decision. Yet often, there’s something about the thrill of living on the edge that transcends logic. I’m always drawn to follow my impulses that they become the driving force behind the excruciatingly painful self-contemplations at midnight. Why am I attracted to something, knowing that it will cause me pain? What is it about the immediate reward from doing something wicked that entices me to overlook the obvious aftermath of such action? Am I so emotionally damaged that I’m required to do things to the extreme to make myself feel alive? To quote a popular pop song by David Guetta, “why does it feel so good to be bad?”

XLVII. The Guy Whom I Kissed In A Circuit Party

“Don’t you know there’s part of me that longs to go into the unknown?”

– Idina Menzel –

This story happened a couple years ago. It comes from the perspective of yours truly, a twenty year old twink with a shady fake ID trying to pop his circuit party virginity. Circuit party for the gays is like Coachella for Instagram “influencers” and Burning Man for woke tech hippies. The gays prepare for these highly anticipated events for months, almost like they’re ready to face the zombie apocalypse. Some gays even fly thousands of miles away for these parties, especially the huge ones like Songkran in Bangkok or White Party in Palm Springs (#internationalwhore). From their body fat percentage to the jockstrap to flaunt their assets, everything has to be on point. Unfortunately for me, at that time, I came to this one party unprepared because I knew none of these things.

XLVI. The Guy Who Was Drunk In Love

“Goddamn, man-child, you fucked me so good that I almost said, ‘I love you'”

– Lana Del Rey –

At what point in your relationship would you feel comfortable talking about the next steps? Or worse, confessing your feeling toward the other person? Is there a set of deadlines one has to meet in a relationship? Say, if the other person hasn’t munched on your booty by the third date, does that mean your “situation-ship” is pretty much donezo? And how long do you have to wait until “red flags” emerge in a relationship? Although I’ve had years of experience in the dating department, I still haven’t been able to figure the algorithm to a successful relationship. Yet people keep saying that I should relax and go with the flowWell, bitches… what if the flow of my relationship brings me straight into a 10,000 feet waterfall? Shouldn’t I try to prevent myself from free-falling into the abyss of a broken heart? 

This is why people have been encouraging me to see a therapist.