VI. The Guy Whom I Had Sex With In A Sedan (Part 2)

“So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover”

– The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey-

Have you ever felt comfortable sharing your personal stories with someone within the first fifteen minutes of meeting them? There’s a certain quality about the “car sex guy” that made it easy for me to vibe with him. For all I know, he could have been plotting to steal my personal information and sold it to the Russian government. I personally believe it’s especially easier to bond with someone before/after you have exchanged body fluids with them (especially if it’s done in an unconventional place). It’s not necessarily a love-at-first-sight situation; I just somehow felt the undeniable chemistry between us.

When I got my acceptance letter to a college in Los Angeles, I had mixed feelings about the move. I had lived in the Bay Area for less than a year and I thought, “what the fuck, now I have to move to another place? I just got here!” At the same time, I couldn’t help but to be happy about getting accepted into a college that most people dreamed to get into. Then I started thinking about the possibility of new dicks I got to explore and suddenly I got more excited *pun intended* about the move.


A couple weeks before I made the move to La La Land, the grey Corolla guy messaged me on Grindr asking if I wanted to meet again. I remembered our first awkwardly kinky yet pleasant encounter with him and we hadn’t hit the home run yet. I thought, “I might as well finish what I started. My mama didn’t raise a quitter“. Here’s a lesson to all you parents out there. Don’t teach your kids to never give up on something. Instead, teach your kids to know when to give up on something.

He agreed to drive from San Francisco around 11 PM after he left his friend’s birthday party. “Damn, this ass is more important to him than his friend“, I thought (#choices). After agreeing to his proposal, I reluctantly took a shower and attempted to “prepare” my ass to avoid any fecal incident. To quote Donald Trump, I was draining the swamp. Since we were gonna do it in his car, I didn’t want to upset his car washers, or worse, his auto insurance company.

Meeting him the second time wasn’t as nerve-wracking as the first time we had our quickie. I got into his grey Corolla and was greeted by his warm smile. As we were driving around to find a place where we could commit yet another sin, he started asking me about my day and for strange reasons, I told him about my plan to move to Los Angeles. It was word vomit. There’s no good reason for me to tell him anything about my personal life at all, but I did it anyway because I felt comfortable with him. To my surprise, he sounded genuinely excited for me and we started chatting about living in Los Angeles. “You’re gonna love it“, he said.

Out of all the places that we could go, we ended up in the parking lot of the private sauna place. We started our making out session which was immediately followed by some blowjob actions. When I glanced over the cup holder in the car, I saw a condom and a bottle of lube. He was ready to play.

Have you had one of those moments when you were thinking about the most random shit while having sex? Below were some of my thoughts as he was giving me head:

  • How are we gonna have sex in his car? Are we gonna do it in the back seat? Or maybe the front seat?! How are we gonna fit two relatively big guys in a position for us to have a comfortable sexual intercourse?

giphy (2).gif

  • Who’s gonna get eliminated in the next episode of Survivor? Is someone gonna find the hidden immunity idol?
  • I want some frieeeessss and milk tea.

His hand went over my lap to grab a pedal to move my car seat backward as his mouth was going up and down my Weiner. “Holy shit, I guess we’re doing it in the front seat…“, I thought. He moved to position himself in front of me and put my legs on his shoulder as I was laying on my back. I looked like an adult baby in fetal position about to be shoved back into my mother’s womb. As he started to slide his average-sized penis inside me, he was aggressively kissing me to slightly ease the pain. Below was probably how his car looked from the outside for a good ten minutes or so:


We got properly dressed after we both climaxed and made out for a little bit. As he was driving me back to my apartment, we had more conversation about LA. Before I knew it, we were already parked in front of my apartment.

I guess this is it“, I said to him.

I had a great time with you. Let’s try to keep in touch and maybe I’ll visit you in LA sometimes“, he said to me as we gave each other a farewell hug.

As I was walking back to my room, I couldn’t help but wonder if things could work out between us if I didn’t have to move to LA. I mean, this guy was willing to drive for an hour just to meet me and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I have never heard from him ever since, but I thought of him occasionally for quite some time (well, mostly when I saw a grey Corolla on the road). I hope he’s doing well.

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