I’m fucking exhausted

Loved ones playing psychological warfare

Shaping me into a full-time sinner
Spewing out meticulously crafted lies
To please my pathological need
To be liked, to be admired, to be idolized
Shame on them for praising an imposter

Sore arms from lifting my guards up
Dark circles and restless nights
Slumber becomes a mortal enemy
Waking up is an uphill battle
A smile feels like a deadlift
Walls so high, tears can’t tear them down

Should I go rogue
And run away with Jose and Jameson?
So I take my purple gummi bear
Create a colorful universe in the cloud
An eternal war shrinks
Into twenty-minutes of anxious rolling

I just hope you know
This is me trying

And this is what I do
To fit in

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