Chose Him

Is it pure admiration? Am I merely craving for liberation?
You adore Banks, but all I wanna do is bang
No that’s a lie, with you rules don’t apply
But you chose him, while I hide behind a pseudonym

Keep playing your game, keep me guessing what we became
I want romance, but all you wanna do is dance
No don’t call me delusional, everything you do feels intentional
But you chose him, you leave me out on a limb

Isn’t it obvious? Are you oblivious?
With the pace of our flirting, I’m destined to be hurting
No don’t keep your distance, lower my resistance
But you chose him, you turn my midnights grim

So I wish you farewell, wishing there’s water left in our well
I compile our songs, to keep our memories prolonged
Oh take me back to the beach, when my dream was within reach
But you chose him, I’m all alone singing our hymn

I die a thousand times, every time you swear by your dime 
You make my blood boil, every time your ship is in turmoil
Oh can’t you see? Am I not your definition of beauty?
But you chose him, and I’m not him

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