IX. The Guy Who Introduced Me To Poppers

“Really, queen?”

– Bianca Del Rio –

Have you ever had sex in an altered state of mind? I’m not saying that it’s the best way to have sex, but it does feel fucking amazing when it’s done correctly with consent from all parties involved. I mean, why else do you think people down hard liquors at lightning speed in a bar? Sex is about opening yourself up to someone else to experience your body in its most vulnerable state. With society making sex a taboo subject, it’s almost impossible not to worry about some things when being intimate with your partner(s). Drugs or alcohol help take those worries out of the equation, and they let you experience sex to a heightened level.

I felt like a white girl attending her first Coachella the first night I opened Grindr in Los Angeles; I was beyond excited that there were plenty of college-aged, hot, mostly gay guys within a one-mile radius of me at all time. I guess it makes sense since this city is filled with aspiring actors and models. At the time, I stayed in the college-owned guesthouse for a week before my apartment lease started. And you know shit always goes down (pun intended) in a hotel room with a gay guy in it. To those of you who are thinking of renting your place to a gay guy on Airbnb, be prepared to spend extra money on cleaning services. There will be plenty of biofluids at the most random place in your room.

giphy (4).gif

On one fine morning, I received a message from this bearded Caucasian guy on Grindr asking if I wanted to “meet up”. I invited him to my hotel room (I know… this sounds like another recipe for disaster) and he said he could come in 30 minutes (again, pun intended). I quickly jumped into the shower to make myself presentable. I’m usually not a morning person, but I can be anything when it comes to a penis (#priorities).

Fast forward to thirty minutes later, I received a phone call from the hotel receptionist asking if I had a guest coming to my room. After confirming with the receptionist that this random guy wasn’t a serial killer, they allowed my guest to enter the hotel elevator. I wondered, “was there an instance in this college guesthouse where an unauthorized guest freely entered the premise and caused a scene so they had to ask every suspiciously looking person in the lobby?

I heard someone knocking my hotel room while I was still in the bathroom finishing my attempt to ahem… ensure that my runway was clear and ready to go. After wrapping my crotch with a towel, I answered the door and let my predator came inside the battle zone (aka my hotel room). He immediately took off his shirt and I noticed that he was basking in the glory of his beefy dad-bodish torso. “Yup, I am so going to enjoy living in LA“, I thought.

After finishing with the small chit-chat as one usually does in a party to be perceived as a civilized human being, we let our animalistic nature took control of our bodies and started making out like there’s no tomorrow. In less than two minutes, both of our penises were out in the open and in each other’s mouth.

As he was preparing himself for insertion, he went to his jeans and pulled out a small bottle that looked like nail polish. I discreetly thought, “really, bitch? you want to polish your nail right before you fuck?


Do you wanna use poppers?“, he eagerly asked.

I didn’t know how to respond. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by the “good kids” and didn’t have many friends who were wildly adventurous. We literally spent most of our free times hanging out in the library and when we did go out, we went to the only shopping mall in town (correction: the only legit shopping mall in town) and wasted our day in the arcade. We were always taught that all drugs would do horrendous things to your body and soul. At the time, I had the idea that drugs were going to turn you into a scarier-looking version of yourself. Saying that I was terrified at this moment would be an understatement, so I decided to politely say no to his offer.

To those of you who don’t know what poppers are, here’s how it looks like:

download (2)

I didn’t lie when I told you that it looked like a bottle of nail polish, right? 

So he decided to open the small bottle, started covering his left nostril with his left thumb, and sniffed the poppers through his right nostril. At this point, I was afraid that he would turn into a sex beast and break my asshole. Surprisingly, the sex went pretty normal as he climaxed in less than five minutes from pounding me doggy-style. He took off his condom, took a quick shower, and left my room right after putting his clothes on and said his goodbye. I thought, “huh, I guess it’s not as life-altering as I thought it would be“.

I do have many experiences with poppers after that encounter and I’m gonna save those stories for later chapters so I can share my own experiences using poppers with you. So what’s the lesson here? Be well-informed about the drugs you’re using before you use them!

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